Umatilla family of eight loses everything in house fire

A fire displaced a family of eight in Umatilla.  No one was hurt, but they lost everything they owned.

“It was devastating,” Ronnie Bush said. “I thought I was going to grab a hose and put it out but it was way too far gone. I mean, you could see the blaze from 439. It was a big ball of fire.”

Fire destroyed Ronnie Bush’s home he shares with his family and pets in Umatilla.

“We’re still kind of in shock,” Bush said. “I don’t think it’s even hit me yet. I still talk about going home. You see this. It's been hard."

The Bushs built the home twenty years ago for their growing and a large family of 10 kids, seven of whom they have adopted.

Over the years, they’ve opened their home up to more than 20 foster children, including children with special needs.

“I built that home,” Bush said. “A lot of sweat and tears. It’s devastating.”

Lake County Fire Rescue ruled the fire an accident, blaming power tools charging in the kitchen.

The Bushs plan to rebuild. In the meantime, neighbors are offering them clothes, food, and money to help them get by.

“It just baffles me on how the community has come together to help my parents out,” Bush’s daughter, Keri Wells, said. “People they don’t even really know.”