Trump supporters in their second day of gathering outside Mar-a-Lago following indictment

For the past two days, Trump supporters gathered outside Mar-a-Lago to support the former president following the recent indictment.

Crowds started gathering late Thursday night, and some supporters say they’d be outside all weekend. The size of the gathering varied throughout the day, but everyone was there for a similar reason.

"We really support him, and we think there’s been a lot of injustices," said Cindee Brown, a Trump supporter.
Sonja Simpson says she’s from Michigan and came out on Friday "to give Trump some kind of decency and show him that people are still behind him."

"We’re here because we love our country. We love President Trump, and we are here in full support of that," added Lori Buccellato.

The people came decked out in pro-Trump clothing, also waving flags and holding banners. When it comes to the indictment, the people at the event say they don’t trust the investigation.

"They didn’t do it properly. It’s not going to hold water, and this is where you get a banana republic where things are not done by the law," Brown added.

Others think the indictment against Trump which stems from hush money accusations is really trying to hide something else.

"They’re trying to distract us from important things going on," said Debbie Macchia. "Corruption, as well, and they think we’re going to look the other way, and it’s not going to happen."

With the former president set to appear in court next week, the people outside Mar-a-Lago aren’t phased by the criminal accusations and still want to see Trump continue his campaign.

"We want you to run again in 2024," Brown concluded.

Since the news of Trump’s indictment broke on Thursday night and people started gathering, local police were also on the scene to make sure traffic keeps moving. There is no timeline for when the supporters will disperse.