Trucks on display as ‘Truck Meet 2021' hits Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is expecting more than 35,000 people for the 2021 Daytona Truck Meet this weekend.

Police Chief Jakari Young said it’s all hands on deck for police officers, along with other agencies in Volusia County.

"This year’s Truck Meet is being billed as the largest so far, and it’s already supposedly the largest truck show in the world," he said. He also explained that this year, truck fans were given a designated spot at One Daytona to help control crowds. "If they don’t have a designated area that they can go and hang out and show off their trucks then they’re gonna create their own party all over the city, and then we’re gonna be running around from vacant lot to parking lot all weekend long."

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Law enforcement from six different agencies across Flagler and Volusia Counties are working the event. Their Emergency Operations Center is ready to respond to any emergencies.

For Jayce Cook attending the event is a dream come true, telling FOX 35, "It’s a great experience. It's my first year. I’ve been working on the truck for two years, a 17-year-old dream. I’m 34 years old."

He also said he’s excited to have front row seats all weekend with his family of seven, saying "I’m just gonna sit here in a lawn chair on the side of the road and just sit and look and videotape it and enjoy it."

Last year's event had less than half the crowds of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


This year is crowded though and the Mayor of Daytona Beach, Derrick Henry, released a statement on Sunday. He stated that there has been an "ill-tempered and outright disregard for traffic lows and normal social mores."

In addition, he said that "the most apparent misunderstanding among our residents is the erroneous belief that this event is sanctioned, sponsored, or benefits the city. The event takes place at the Speedway and has a promoter; none of its activities are approved or encouraged by the City of Daytona Beach."

He concludes with, "We accept that this event must be revisited, and I will be fully engaged in ensuring that its current status does not become a standard."

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