Tigers moved at refuge so wild cub will climb down tree

A wild bear cub that climbed up a tree five days ago at a Florida animal refuge is still there.  The tree is located over a tiger enclosure, but the big cats that were frightening the cub have been moved.

As a cub napped in a tree a the CARE Foundation sanctuary in Apopka, down below, tigers are on the prowl. They were moved for a very important reason.

"We basically shifted three tigers around to different housing, and vacated the housing closest to the bear cub," explained CARE Wildlife Refuge director Christin Burford.

She said the wild cub has been up in the tree since Saturday night. She thinks it was scared of the tigers below.

"He’s very tired. He was very whiney yesterday. I’m sure he’s very hungry. So I think he’s over the whole situation," she added.

Burford said she and Florida Wildlife Commission officers are monitoring the situation. She thinks the cub came here after a neighbor started clearing some land.

"Give them a night and see if he comes down. After that, it's just a waiting game to see. It's up to the little bear," she said. 

 Burford said they will come up with a new plan if the cub doesn't come down.