'That doesn't feel very good': Man records himself being tested for COVID-19

If curiosity has ever left you wondering what a COVID-19 test feels like, Craig Layton has spared you the apparent discomfort of finding out.

The Nova Scotia resident recorded himself being tested for the novel coronavirus on April 13.

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Layton winced after a medical professional swabbed his throat. After that, he grimaced as she swabbed both of his nostrils, leaving him with only one thing to say: “That doesn’t feel very good.”

More than 670 people have tested positive for the virus in Nova Scotia, according to data collected by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. Out of those who have contracted the novel coronavirus in Nova Scotia, nine have lost their lives due to COVID-19, based on Johns Hopkins’ data. 

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Nationally, more than 36,300 people in Canada have tested positive and more than 1,640 have died.

This story was reported from Atlanta.