Suspect leads deputies through multi-county chase

A suspect is being treated at Orlando Regional Medical Center, after taking deputies on a chase, despite being shot.

There were tense moments on State Road 528, just as the morning rush hour kicked off on Thursday.  Deputies say a man, accused of terrorizing his girlfriend,  was behind the wheel and even charged at them with his car at one point, prompting a deputy to fire a shot at the man.

"The individual accelerates the vehicle driving at one of our other deputies on the scene. Our deputy fired a single round," Sheriff Wayne Ivey explains. 

The suspect took a bullet to the gut, but that didn't slow him down, Sheriff Ivey says.  He kept on going, until another deputy made a move to boot him to the side of the highway in a PIT maneuver.  The car then crashed into the woods.

Sheriff Ivey says this started after they received three calls, beginning late on Wednesday night, from a woman who was describing a domestic violence situation.  That call led to a two-county, 55-mile chase. 

After the crash on the Beachline Expressway, deputies dragged the suspect out of the car and then rushed him to the hospital.  Sheriff  Ivey confirmed that the suspect is going to survive, despite being life flighted out to a hospital.