Suspect in abandonment of 8 puppies identified, fined $4K

Earlier this week, FOX 35 News showed you eight puppies that were dropped off in the middle of the night at the Melbourne Animal Services Building. They were in such pitiful condition, we weren’t sure if all of them were going to make it.

Now, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office has found and fined a suspect.  Christopher Szeman, of Palm Bay, is facing eight counts of animal abandonment -- one count for each dog -- which carries a total fine of $4,000.

Meanwhile, the pups, who shelter volunteers have named after Sesame Street characters, are still recovering and will eventually need forever homes.

Getting them back into good health involved several volunteers, groomers, who shaved off the matted fur and filth. Two of the puppies needed blood transfusions. A dog named Canek was the donor. He needs a forever home too.

These survivors are pulling at the heartstrings of many animal lovers in Brevard County in the new year.  Thankfully, all of the dogs survived but some had to endure amputation surgery.