Staff evacuating Cape Canaveral Hospital

Health First Cape Canaveral evacuated its facility of all its patients on Sunday, ahead of Hurricane Dorian. The hospital is located on a barrier island in Brevard County.

About 30 patients were moved, including seven people who were in the emergency room.  They were transferred to Health First Regional Medical Center, Palm Bay Hospital and Viera Hospital, which is where all future patients will be brought during the storm. Those hospitals will stay open.

Staff at Health First Cape Canaveral have taken measures to secure the building for the storm.

“In preparation for the storm we did all of our walkthroughs and make sure everything is safe,” Health First Vice President of Marketing and Communications Pat Guerry said. “There will be people here monitoring the situation, but we wanted to make sure all of our associates, our providers and our patients are out of harm’s way.”

The hospital will continue to monitor conditions and work with Brevard County Emergency Management throughout the hurricane to see when they can reopen.