Stabbed Phoenix woman accused of breaking into home, via the doggy door

A Valley woman is facing several charges, after she is accused of breaking into a home by using the doggy door.

There were two kids home alone at the time, and one of them ended up stabbing the suspect, so they could get away.

The two young girls, ages 10 and 12, were sent running through their neighborhood in fear Tuesday morning, following the incident.

"I heard yelling," said one person who lives in the area.

According to police, Kristen Marie Anderson was seen walking through the Happy Valley neighborhood. Her actions reportedly disturbed neighbors, as she was reportedly striking walls and jumping fences.

One woman said at one point, her husband came in contact with Anderson.

"He said, 'hey how are you? How ya doing?'" said the woman. "She just turned and looked at him and had a blank stare on her face."

According to court documents, Anderson ended up making her way into a family's home, by way of the doggy door. Once inside, Anderson reportedly came face-to-face with the two young girls who live there. Detectives said Anderson grabbed one of the girls, and threw her on the couch. The victim, who was reportedly armed with a knife, was able to stab Anderson.

The victims then took off, running away from their home.

Police later found Anderson down the street, screaming "you can't control me". Anderson was taken to the hospital, where she was treated for her stab wound. She also underwent a psychiatric evaluation.