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If you’re thinking about taking a summer vacation, there’s a chance that you’re going to be road-tripping it. Good for you! Road trips are an awesome and affordable way to see the sights and make some great memories. However, we know they can be stressful – in fact, one of the most tedious parts of a road trip is usually packing up. Toyota of Orlando is here with 6 tips on how to pack a car to make your summer vacation stress-free!

Pack a car like a pro with these Orlando Toyota tips

Tip #1: Pack a necessities bag.

You’ll most likely have your luggage in the trunk or cargo area, neither of which are very easy to reach. Pack a small bag of necessities to keep with you in the car! Put in items like your cell phone, cash, chargers, maps, snacks, drinks, medications, and anything you’re going to use to keep yourself and your passengers occupied.

Tip #2: Pack an overnight bag.

If you’re going to be stopping overnight on the way to your final destination, it’s also a smart idea to pack a separate overnight bag. This bag should contain things like toiletries and changes of clothes so you don’t have to haul all of your heavy luggage inside for a simple overnight stop. Leave it in the car and take an overnight bag instead!

Tip #3: Heavy items on the bottom.

Heavy items should always been on the bottom when it’s time to pack a car; that way they don’t damage other items in the cargo area. You also want to put them toward the center of the vehicle in order to keep the weight evenly distributed. Remember to set fragile items aside or at the very least, put them on the top.

Hit the road this summer, stress-free

Tip #4: Keep your visibility.

You may feel like you can stack your belongings to the ceiling to maximize your cargo space. Don’t do it! You need a clear line of visibility out of the back of your car so you can use your rearview mirror properly, and you also need to be able to check your blind spot.

Tip #5: Be careful with roof racks and towing.

Are you planning on using roof racks or towing something behind you? Before you do so, make sure to check weight limits for your car, install the gear properly, and also get your car serviced (especially if you’re going to be towing). Extra weight means your car has to work harder to get the job done, so you want it to have all the tools it needs.

Need to schedule Orlando car maintenance before you head out, or have questions on how to pack a car or use roof racks or a tow? Call Toyota of Orlando today! We’re open seven days a week at 3575 Vineland Road, and you can reach us at (407) 298-0001.

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