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Have you noticed an increase of traffic on the roads this past week? You know that spring break is here when the roads become even MORE congested. While driving around your Orlando Toyota, it’s important to keep safe driving practices in mind. If it’s been a while since you’ve last experienced a tourist-packed highway, Toyota of Orlando is sharing tips for safe driving in heavy traffic.

Taking on Spring Break Traffic in Your Orlando Toyota

Spring break season only lasts a few weeks – but it feels like an eternity when you’re stuck on the highway in traffic each and every day because of it. To help you get through spring break in Central Florida, Toyota of Orlando has tips!
Before you get out on the road, look up your route and check for any slowdowns or accidents. If you notice any major delays on your normal drive, considering looking up an alternative route and taking that one. You may have to drive a little further, but it can help you avoid too much traffic and being late.

If you’re getting frustrated with heavy traffic while driving your Orlando Toyota, take a deep breath and stay calm. Getting flustered and frustrated while driving can become dangerous, causing you to make rash decisions. Some easy ways to stay calm in heavy traffic include deep breathing exercises, listening to your favorite music, or listening to an e-book.

Once you’ve calmed down and shook the frustration of tourists and road congestion, don’t forget to use these safe driving tips:



  • Avoid any distractions. While piloting your Orlando Toyota, keep distractions away. For example, put your phone somewhere you won’t be able to see it, hear it, or check it. Eliminate other distractions like rowdy passengers or eating breakfast on the road.
  • Don’t use cruise control. If you’re getting on a busy toll road, expressway, or highway, make sure to turn your cruise control off. This speed control mechanism should only be used on long, open roads. While driving in heavy traffic, you should be in complete control of your Orlando Toyota.
  • Buckle up. Unfortunately, car accidents are likely to happen in bumper to bumper traffic because of the close proximity cars are in. Because accidents are more likely to occur, it’s imperative that you wear your seatbelt and ensure all others riding in your Orlando Toyota are buckled up correctly as well.
  • Leave following distance. Keep a safe space in between your Orlando Toyota and the cars in front of you. A safe distance between cars will allow for more reaction time and help prevent collisions.
  • Drive defensively. Check all around you and be completely aware of your surroundings while driving your Orlando Toyota. Being aware will allow you to avoid any reckless drivers or debris in the road.

  • Get through heavy traffic with your Orlando Toyota!

    If you forgot to check the traffic report before you left the house, use the available Entune App Suite in your Orlando Toyota. This convenience feature allows you to check live weather and traffic reports so you have a chance to avoid the congestion!

    For more tips on safe driving in heavy traffic, visit Toyota of Orlando at 3575 Vineland Road!

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