Sheriff Mina outlines plan to enforce texting law

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed a bill that makes it illegal to text while driving in Florida. In Orange County, Sheriff John Mina says they'll start pulling drivers over for texting starting July 1. 

If law enforcement sees you texting while driving they can give you a ticket.  Orange County fines start at $114 for the first offense and $164 for the second. The consequences are even worse for people who are texting while driving in a school or work zone. Then, it's considered a moving violation. That could give you points on your license and carries a fine starting at $164.

“That just goes to show how important that is and how we're trying to keep drivers safe in pedestrian or work zones, where there's pedestrians and kids present,” Sheriff Mina said. 

Mina said there will be a grace period for school or work zone violations until January, but they could still ticket you in those areas.