Shelter dog donates blood to help save two pups

A dog at the SPCA of Brevard is being hailed a hero. Canek is credited with saving lives during a New Year’s Eve emergency.

Officials say eight pups were abandoned outside a county shelter earlier this week. Some of them were severely matted and malnourished.

“We saw two dogs that were pretty critical,” said Susan Naylor, Public Relations Director for the SPCA of Brevard.

The shelter says the two dogs were in desperate need of blood.

“We were going through our shelter inventory with our dogs that were here and trying to figure out who would be a good match for that dog to be able to help give her a blood transfusion and we came across Canek,” Naylor explained.

The big boy, who weighs about 90 lbs, was sedated. Techs transferring his blood to two of the small dogs. The SPCA says a female from the group is still fighting for her life, but the seven others are doing well and getting cleaned up.

Their doggie donor, Canek, has been at the shelter since late October, is 7-years-old and is a favorite among the employees.

“He’s a big baby. A very big baby. He loves his belly rubs, he loves to snuggle, hangout, that’s pretty much Canek,” said SPCA employee Hope Nerison.

The SPCA of Brevard says people have been calling non-stop to foster and adopt the small eight dogs. They’re hoping Canek can get some recognition too.

“We’re hoping someone will reach out, love him, and take him home as well,” Naylor said.

The shelter is hoping to have most of the eight abandoned dogs in foster homes by the end of the week.