'She saved my baby': Family friend who just learned CPR saves child's life at Brevard County beach

A trip to the beach nearly turned deadly for one family.

Their 4-year-old son stopped breathing almost drowning until an angel swooped in to save the little boy.

The Davis family always tries to visit new beaches on the weekend. The past weekend, they decided to go to Sebastian Inlet State Park, and their family friend and next-door neighbors came along.

They had only been there for about an hour when the beach trip quickly turns a turn for the worst.

"I went out there, counting kids, you know making sure all the kids are there," said Monique Davis whose son, Bryar, nearly drowned. "I asked his brother, I said – baby, where’s Bryar? And no sooner I got the words out of my mouth, I look over, and my baby was floating on his back."

In a matter of seconds, his mom says her youngest son was limp, lifeless and not breathing.

"I’m screaming for help. Somebody help me. Help my baby," Davis exclaimed.

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Help was closer than she thought.

"We heard screaming, and we look over and we just see Monique holding her son and visibly you could see, he was limp he wasn’t conscious," said Alesha Truini.

The family was at the beach with their neighbor’s and with the little boy’s life on the line, those around jumped in to help.

"He was not conscious. His skin was blue. His lips were blue. His eyes had no color to them, so I immediately dropped to the ground and started doing CPR," Truini said.

She used lifesaving training she had just learned the day before because she works in the childcare industry.

"The fact that I had just got CPR certified 24 hours beforehand was crazy to me," she said. "I believe God works in mysterious ways. Of course, when you get CPR certified, you never think that you’re going to actually have to do it."

"Alesha – she saved my baby, and she brought him back to me," Davis said. "He started coughing up all the water, got him breathing."

Bryar was life-flighted to the hospital. He is off the ventilator now, breathing on his own again and is expected to make a full recovery.

"He’s getting there. Slowly but surely, he’s getting there," Davis said as she looks over at her son who ate on his own for the first time on Thursday.

The family is counting their blessings their son is alive thanks to friends who ran to their rescue.

"It is a miracle. It absolutely is because my baby had no pulse. He was not breathing. My baby was gone," she concluded.

Bryar has a long road to recovery, and his parents haven’t been able to leave the hospital and aren’t able to work. They've created a GoFundMe account to help with expenses.