Seminole County schools to discuss new emergency pick-up locations

The Seminole County School Board is looking at new locations where parents can pick up their children in case of an emergency.

The idea is to give parents and students specific places to go off campus during an emergency closing so everyone doesn't rush to the school and add to an already chaotic situation. 

A few weeks ago, traffic piled up outside and around Lake Mary High School after an incident at the school.

Hundreds of parents were trying to get to their children and students were trying to figure out where to go so they could meet them.

Now, the Seminole County School Safety and Security Director has a list of approved places around the county where parents and students can go in case of an emergency closing or evacuation at the school.

Several businesses have agreed to prepare and help if the school district calls on them. The superintendent approves of the idea and now it's up to the school board to sign some papers that would officially put the plan into place.

The school board will meet Tuesday to discuss the matter.