Seminole County firefighters donate gifts to children in need

Seminole County firefighters are lighting up the holidays for children in need.

Lt. Marcus Gombs organized the 5th annual toy drive by getting the Christmas lists of more than 180 children.

"Without our help, they probably wouldn’t have any gifts or anything like that on Christmas," he said.

The Sharing Center in Longwood, which helps children and families in need, provided the wish lists. 

The Benevolent Association, as well as fire department staff, worked to collect as many gifts as possible.

"We have a list of 180, but because of the generosity of so many people, we are able to get more people off that list. This year, we are shooting for 600 kids and I’m pretty confident we will get to all of them," Gombs said.

On Friday, the gifts came pouring in at the Fire Training Center.

Bicycles were number one on most lists.

"My kids picked them out and used some of their allowance money to purchase them, and we are going to pass on that good blessing to the children that don’t have as much as others this year," said Battalion Chief Bryon Chaney, who donated.

The presents were packed up and taken to The Sharing Center where they will be given to the parents or guardians.  

The families will be able to put the gifts under the tree for the kids to open on Christmas morning.

"I just hope that it puts a little smile on their face, and they realize life is pretty good for them and people care about them," Gombs said.