'This alert is worth waking up for': SeaWorld pokes fun at Florida's mistaken Thursday emergency test alert

As Floridians took to social media to complain about the state's emergency alert notification that woke many up from their slumber, SeaWorld did the same — but their alert was not a test. 

In a tweet titled "This alert is worth waking up for" the Orlando theme park reminded park goers of the brand-new Pipeline coaster set to debut next month. 

On Thursday morning at 4:45 a.m., an alert was sent out that read: "TEST - This is a TEST of the Emergency Alert System. No action is required."

Hours later, the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) apologized for the incident in a tweet, and said the Emergency Alert System (EAS) notification was part of a monthly test, but that it was supposed to air on TV, not cell phones.

The massive 110-foot-high ride has more than 2,900 feet of track and will be the first of its kind to imitate the motion of surfing. Riders, who will stand up in a surfing position, will experience wave jumping and hanging loose to mimic the sensation of riding on a wave while being sent through several gnarly twists and turns.