Santa Fe High School students give accounts of what they witnessed

“It’s just so terrible, I never thought this would happen to my school,” says Dakota Shrader. She was one of the many students that evacuated Santa Fe High School on Friday morning. She also explains that one of her friends was shot in the leg.

Police say the shooting suspect, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, fired gunshots on the Santa Fe High School, killing ten people and injuring ten others. Police also say multiple bombs were found and that they are still investigating several other potential addresses and vehicles.

“All of these teachers saying, 'Get over here, get over here!,' and then we hear, 'boom boom,' at least three times and everyone is screaming, 'Run, run!,'” adds Shrader.

“I heard two really loud booms and I thought they were just someone banging on something and then I realized after a couple more and screaming that they were, they were gunshots,” says student Paige Curry.

Others say they saw the suspect near the art room.

“I seen this kid in a trench coat and I thought it was normal because he always wears a trench coat everyday and he also had a shirt on that said, 'Born To Kill,'” says student Dustin Severin.

“He said he was wearing all black with a black trench coat, that had a shotgun, a pistol and a machete strapped to his belt,” says another student who did not wish to be identified. The student says his best friend was inside that class.

“He looked to his right and saw his friend got shot in the head and the blood was on his shirt and he got out and like a couple or minute or two after, that’s when I saw him,” adds the anonymous student.

It was a hard day for parents too, some waiting hours to find out how their children were doing.

“In all the madness, he lost his cellphone, so for three hours we didn’t know anything,” says parent Amanda Given.