Roommates? New option for affordable housing comes to Orlando

Rent in Central Florida continues to rise. A study done this month by Florida Atlantic University indicates it has gone up nearly 24% over a year in Orlando, with an average rent of $1,999.

"My rent has actually gone up quite a bit," said Matthew Tiger, who lives in Orlando.

"Obviously prices of everything are going up with inflation, rent housing prices, everything," said Chris Welch, who rents an apartment downtown.

Some have turned to websites like Roomster, Roomies, or the newest to town, PadSlpit.

"I don’t think it would work for my lifestyle, what I do, but hey I think it’s a great idea," Tiger said.

The idea of sharing space isn't for everyone, but the founder of one company says it could be the way of the future.

"The room is effectively the new apartment given where prices are today," said Atticus LeBlanc, the CEO and founder of PadSplit.

PadSplit started in Atlanta and launched its online platform in Orlando this month.

With a handful of properties already, there's one available for just over $200 a week.

Renters get their own room with a lock, but the rest would likely be shared.

LeBlanc says he started it to help ease the housing crisis for people who can't final affordable housing.

There's no minimum credit score, and a deposit costs around $120.

"This may not be a fit for everyone, but it is a fit for a lot of people, who today have very limited choices like extended-stay motels, who are living in their cars or sleeping on a friend’s sofa somewhere," LeBlanc said.