Rocket engine test mishap sends debris flying

A mishap during the test of a rocket engine sent debris flying at a facility in Cocoa, authorities say.

However, the only visual indication that something went wrong was a piece of yellow caution tape on the side of the building and what appeared to be pierced metal siding.   

The company Rocket Crafters says that around noon, as they were conducting a test, there was an over-pressurization anomaly. That sent some parts shooting through the roof and side of the building. When Cocoa firefighters arrived on the scene there were some pieces smoldering nearby.

Cidco Road in Cocoa is an industrial area where some start-up commercial rocket outfits have set up shop.  SpaceX has their starship facility just a few doors down from here.

Rocket Crafters, Inc. tweeted a "thank you" message to first responders for getting out so quickly, and fortunately, no one was hurt and the team returned to the facility after this accident, trying to get back to business. 

"Per standard procedure, individuals were cleared from the test bay before the test, and no one on-site was injured during the incident," the company also tweeted.