Residents along the river keep an eye out for potential flooding

People who live near Cocoa in Brevard County are keeping an eye out for potential flooding near the Indian and Banana Rivers.

Living near the water has its perks, but when a hurricane is on its way, it’s all hands on deck.

“It’s Florida,” Keith Green of Merritt Island said. “We have great weather sometimes and really bad weather other times.”

People who live along the Indian and Banana Rivers in Brevard County are securing their properties for the storm.

Many parts of that area flooded during Hurricane Irma two years ago.

“Being on the shoreline,” Green said. “Yeah, I think there will be some flooding. The storm surge is probably going to push a lot of water inland and obviously rain is not going to help much.”

Brevard County Emergency Management officials say the amount of flooding this area will have will all depend on how much it rains. They’re telling people who live in areas that have flooded before to consider leaving before the storm, but many people we spoke with plan to wait it out.

“Most of the people in the neighborhood are staying for the storm,” Charles Estes, who lives near the Indian River said. “You know, they’re all boarded up and all prepared to ride it out.”

Then there are those who have never been through a hurricane before. The Griswold family just moved to the area from Texas.

“We’re just anxious to see how our house holds up and how things play out around here,” Cindy Griswold said.