Reports of road rage rampage in Daytona Beach

Road rage can happen on any street, to anyone. In the last five days, three Daytona Beach drivers became victims. Alan Freeman was one of them.

“When he cocked the gun and actually held it at me is when I actually really thought for sure this is going to, my life, you know?” Freeman recalled.

Freeman said it took him a second to realize his life was on the line. The father of three said he has no idea what he did to make the guy in the next car so mad. “I was just driving, just like anybody else,” he said.

Freeman said the guy started shouting at him, and then pulled out the gun. He also said there was a woman in the car with the man.

“She was in the passenger seat laughing!” Freeman said, “As the guy brandished the gun she thought it was the funniest thing in the world!”

There were also two other cases - three different suspects threatening other drivers with guns - all on Nova Road. One was a young mother driving with her two kids. Police say she unknowingly pulled in front of a speeding pickup truck, cutting it off, and the woman at the wheel pulled a handgun on her.

There was also a third case where cops say a couple accidentally cut-off another driver, and the driver aimed a gun at them before speeding away. Freeman says that's not what guns are for.

“I use it for home protection, and home protection only,” Freeman said, “and I don't brandish the weapon just because of a confrontation with somebody.

He added that it might be time to say goodbye to Daytona Beach. “This is not a good scene.”

Daytona Beach police have suspects in these cases. Freeman said he identified the guy who threatened him from photos that police showed him.