Report: Val Demings considering run for statewide office, possibly challenging DeSantis or Rubio

Rumors are swirling that Rep. Val Demings is considering a run for a statewide office, possibly for governor or senator in 2022.

Political analysts say there was a moment this week when Demings got into it with Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan that generated buzz around the congresswoman.

"The American people deserve better. I have the floor, Mr. Jordan!"

"It reminded people that she’s a very strong candidate for state office," said former legislator and Democratic analyst Dick Batchelor.

Now, according to a report from Politico, Demings is considering running against Governor Ron DeSantis or for U.S. Senator Marco Rubio’s seat.

"Either of these positions she would be able to fill quite well," said University of Central Florida political science associate professor Aubrey Jewett.

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Demings, a former Orlando police chief, rose to national prominence last year as a House Impeachment manager and as a possible running mate for Joe Biden. Analysts say that puts her in a strong position, more so for the governor’s seat than running against Rubio.

"He’s somewhat of a dream candidate in that you don’t find too many candidates who do really well in South Florida but also equally well in the Panhandle," said Jewett.

Batchelor believes if Demings were to run for governor and Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy for Rubio’s Senate seat, the candidates would get donors from other states and could turn Florida blue, as Georgia did.

Ultimately, trying to beat an incumbent is never easy, especially in a mostly red Florida. But if anyone can do it, analysts say it would be Val Demings.

"She will garner a lot of political support and financial support nationwide. It would be a knockdown drag out. Would it be a tough race? It would be a tough race. Is she a great candidate to take on the incumbent governor? She is," said Batchelor.

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