Report: Florida is the third most dangerous state in the country

Florida is already home to the fourth worst drivers in the country. Now, the Sunshine State is near the top of another unflattering list: the most dangerous. 

According to a new report from WalletHub, Florida is the 48th safest state in the nation, if you want to look at it from a positive angle. Sadly, since there are only 50 states, the reality is that this survey makes Florida the third most dangerous

Sure, an 11-foot, angry alligator recently broke into a home and new cases of dangerous, flesh-eating bacteria infections seem to be popping up every day. However, WalletHub reached their findings based on five key factors:

  • Personal and residential safety
  • Financial safety
  • Road safety
  • Workplace safety
  • Emergency preparedness

Florida overall, ranked at the bottom of just about every category. The real nail in the coffin, though, was the road safety ranking which, according to WalletHub's findings, ranked Florida at No. 48. 

Only Louisiana and Mississippi came in below Florida on the list. 

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