Rare spotless baby giraffe finally has a name: Meet Kipekee

The votes are in and the rare spotless baby giraffe who went viral two weeks ago finally has a name. 

Meet Kipekee, which is Swahili for "unique."  

"We received over 40,000 votes and Kipekee won by over 6,000 votes," David Bright, the zoo’s director, told FOX TV Stations. 

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Rare spotless baby giraffe thriving under her mother's care at Bright's Zoo. (Bright's Zoo)

Kipekee was born on July 31, 2023, in Limestone, Tennessee. 

She is believed to be the only solid-colored giraffe living anywhere on the planet, according to the zoo. 

"We know the last time this took place was in 1972 in Tokyo Japan," according to the zoo.

And despite her unique appearance, Kipekee is thriving alongside her fellow giraffes. 

"She was immediately accepted by the entire giraffe tower. They treat her as they see her no different than any other giraffe born here at the zoo," according to the zoo’s website. 

For the best times to see the rare beauty, visitors can look on the zoo's website. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.