Rapper Ralo criticized, praised for his #ralohomelesschallenge video

It is a video earning mixed reaction in metro Atlanta. It shows an Atlanta rapper tossing thousands of dollars in the air while homeless people scramble to grab the cash.

Rapper Ralo told FOX 5 News that most of those people walked away with at least $200 and while some are praising the performer for helping those in need, others said they are offended by the gesture, calling the video degrading.

Ralo said he truly wanted to help people. He said he was sitting in a club one night and saw how much money customers spent on exotic dancers and he challenged those same people to give money to a good cause.

As for the laughing, Ralo said he wasn't laughing and can’t control what other people do. He said he does plan to do this again.

Ralo posted the video with the hashtag: #ralohomelesschallenge.