Puerto Rico braces for Dorian

People in Central Florida and in Puerto Rico are keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Dorian as it makes its way through the Atlantic.

"Since the government declared a state of emergency, people got scared, because it's a scary notion - the idea of being in a state of emergency," said Richard Colon, who lives in Puerto Rico. "So, you start to see people starting to prepare. You see people covering their houses."

We interviewed Colon about the storm over the weekend. In the days since we talked, he said things on the island have gotten worse.

He's preparing to leave his home ahead of the storm.

"I was told I have to leave my apartment, because I'm on the 9th floor," Colon said. "So, I have to move out until the hurricane passes. It's an emergency. It's a risk."

Back in Central Florida, local groups who helped provide aid to those in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria are on standby.

"Here, in Central Florida, we're not mobilizing at this moment, because we're still waiting for the updates to see how it's going to develop," Mision Boricua Secretary Peter Cora said.

Cora said his group has met to discuss how they plan to help out people on the island if the storm gets worse.

"Everyone becomes a piece of the puzzle when it comes to these issues," Cora said.