Marchers protest mask order in Seminole County

Protestors on Tuesday marched from the Marketplace in Altamonte Springs to Cranes Roost to protest Seminole County's mask mandate.

They marched side by side, without masks, despite a Seminole County order requiring people to social distance and wear a mask.

"I’m a responsible citizen and I wear my mask when I’m out at stores and stuff and I don’t feel like the government needs to tell me to wear it,"  Sylvia Spivey said.

Julie Sheldon agreed, adding, "The local governments are infringing upon our civil liberties."

Around 40 people took part in the protest. Seminole Emergency Management Director Alan Harris released this statement saying in part, “The mask order was created to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus.  Very similar to a mandatory evacuation during a hurricane, this mandatory mask order requests voluntary compliance. “

Police even blocked traffic at Cranes Roost Blvd. and Altamonte Drive so marchers could get to their destination.

Organizer Rich Wise said, "We are not here for or against masks. We are here about that mandate that was placed upon us. I want people to know that I’m not a toddler, I’m an adult and I know how to take care of myself I don’t need the government to do it for me."

The Seminole Sheriff’s Office said it hasn’t issued any citations. They’ll continue to give verbal warnings unless there’s gross negligence by a business.

"I’m glad to hear he’s not putting any violations out." The group plans to keep marching, till the mandate is lifted.