Protest over coal ash dumping in Osceola County

Protesters say they'll be at the JED landfill, until the owners decide to stop collecting coal ash imported from Puerto Rico.

“I'm worried about my kids' future, my community's future, the animals in the area,” said protester Kathy Darrah.

Osceola County Commissioners also sent a letter, asking the company, Waste Connections, to stop accepting the ash immediately, citing worries over toxins in the ash and the risks to the environmental and people's health, but so far the company's continued bringing in the ash, getting protesters steamed.

“We don't want this toxic coal ash on our property, don't want it out here in our county, we don't want it poisoning our children,” said Barbara Cady.

The county chairwoman says the coal ash poses no danger for the community, but that's not good enough for the protesters.

“We need to put a stop to this now and find out just how safe it is,” Cady said.

Waste Connections has not responded to the county’s letter or said whether or not they would honor their request.