Powerful Photo Captures Father and Son Hugging After Overcoming Hardships

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Warminster, Pa. (WTXF) A heartwarming photo of a father/son moment at a high school football game has captured the hearts of thousands.

The photo shows a powerful hug between a father and his son, Bryce, who have helped each other overcome many personal battles over the past two years.

Bryce’s father, Bill, had his leg amputated two years ago due to an infection he got while on vacation. Bryce, a football play for William Tennent High School, was injured badly a week before this years’ football season began and was told he might never play again.

In an emotional Facebook post by Bryce’s mom, Kelly Ross-Emsley, she shares how much her husband and son have been through together. Bryce helped his father every step of the way after Bill's leg amputation. 

“When Bill (dad) had his leg amputated 2 years ago, Bryce (son) carried him into our home when Bill was on the bottom step, crying, figuring out how to live his new life as an amputee,” Kelly wrote on Facebook. 

Bill was there for Bryce as well after his injury. Two months after having surgery for his potentially career-ending injury, Bryce was playing his heart out on the football field during the last game of the season.

“Bryce was on that field and played hard, until the last 5 minutes, when he could give no more. This moment was captured. The moment Bill could get to Bryce, to help carry him off that field. This is what father-son love is.”

At the end of the Facebook post, Kelly asked people to share with the world to show what really matters "FAMILY."

Photos Courtesy: Kelly Ross-Emsley