Porsche rams through Lake Nona Chipotle, destroying glass exterior

A shopping plaza was rattled when a sports car plowed through the glass. 

The Chipotle in Lake Nona is now boarded up, but the entire corner of the building was taken out by a Porsche, causing quite the commotion Tuesday morning.

It’s not a drive-thru Chipotle, but someone did drive their white Porsche through this Chipotle Tuesday morning.

“When I pulled out, I turned around and I saw the ambulance. I saw the car. The vehicle was about halfway in Chipotle,” said Josiah Potter, of Lake Nona.

Potter was grabbing a coffee at the Starbucks a few doors down when it happened.  

“When I came around, there was a flurry of activity. I heard glass breaking. I heard axes happening and I was like, 'what is happening?'”

Orlando police say the woman driving hit the gas pedal by accident instead of reverse and took off, hopping the curb and crashing right into the restaurant.

“The firefighters were actually ripping out the frame to get her out of the vehicle. She seemed pretty upset. That could be pretty jarring. But, she was cognitive,” Potter said.

The driver is OK. Police say there were employees inside when the crash happened, but no one was seriously hurt. Crews spent the afternoon boarding up, but there’s no word when the Chipotle will reopen.

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