Play For Keeps Foundation provides shoes for kids in underserved communities

The Play For Keeps Foundation is a non-profit started by a group of friends from Windermere Preparatory School.

We first introduced you to five amazing, young men behind the organization back in May. They held a virtual "Kicks for Kids" event over the summer to raise money to help buy shoes for kids in underserved communities.

Track Shack, an Orlando shoe and apparel store for runners, heard what the guys had planned and told them they could buy the shoes at cost.

"We worked all summer, and with COVID and everything, we had to organize a lot so it was a big deal but it paid off," explained Matthew Lucus.

And paid off, it did!

"The boys set a target of $6,000 to raise and from your story we had a number of people make donations, bringing in $10,000," said Sue Lucus.

Over 400 kids at Mollie Ray Elementary School in Pine Hills each received a brand new pair of shoes in their respective size along with a new pair of socks.

"It's really nice to be able to give back to all these kids," Lucas said.

"It felt great to be able to be there with the kids and see their reactions," said Jackson Bennett.

"Look at their faces! You can see how much it means to them, cause in a world that is so gloomy, this is a bright spot for them.  So we are very happy to see this," said Principal Nate Stephens. "It means a lot!"

"When the kids would put on the shoes and run around.  There is no better feeling in the world than making someone's day," said Maaz Mohiuddin.

"And it's great just being here and seeing all the kids and the impact we are having it's just like incredible to see," added J.T. Rattigan.

They hope to make this an annual event at Mollie Ray Elementary School and possibly even expand to more schools.

"We just want to get back to work after this and think of something new and hopefully come back," Mohiuddin said.

"We're not slowing down.  We're going to keep going," said Rattigan.

You can learn more about Play For Keeps at their website:

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