Owners want justice after they say dog attacked horses, killing 1 of them

Two horse owners in Lake County are furious after they say their animals were attacked by a neighbor's dogs. One miniature show horse was killed, and the other was severely injured. 

The horse owners and dog owner will meet Thursday at the Lake County Courthouse for a hearing about the incident. 

The family who owns the horses and friends are devastated. 

"It happened over a month ago, you can't unsee it," said Heidi Herriott, Family Friend, Horse Trainer. 

According to a report from the sheriff's office - officials responded to Tanya and Lee Belasky’s house in Paisley back in April. 

Lee Belasky said he could hear and see commotion in their stable, shot at what he believed was responsible - but couldn't make out what was attacking his animals in the dark.  

Sprockett died less than a week later, and Topper is not doing well.  

"He really doesn't have the lower part of his face," said Herriott, "God, so he can't eat and drink normally. Making him mash he can ingest, just short of a feeding tube."

The report indicated deputies traced the attack to the Belasky's neighbor's dogs. They'd been missing and returned home with injuries. 

The horse owners and family friends say they want the dogs removed from that home and put down. 

"They brought down a 400-pound horse - imagine what they can do with a child or person," said Herriott. 

The sheriff's office says the dog owner violated multiple county ordinances and was issued a fine of $2,300.

At Thursday's hearing, a hearing officer could decide that the "dogs are deemed dangerous". The owner does have an opportunity to appeal that decision. If a dog is deemed dangerous, there is a possibility it could be euthanized. 

Fox 35 tried to track down the dog owner listed in the report, with no luck.