Orlando's tourism outlook post-COVID19

Officials in Orlando are unsure when the area will be ready for tourists once again.

However, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings believes decisions to stop non-essential activities early on have mitigated longer closures.

Visit Orlando officials say they are preparing for when tourists are able to return by working on marketing campaigns.

"All of this will be based on, of course, what degree the consumer will start to feel comfortable traveling again," said Visit Orlando CEO George Aguel.

Aguel said based on data, he's confident people will feel safe coming here. Little-known fact: Aguel points out over 70% of Orlando's visitors drive there.

"It suggests that when it gets to be that stage on behalf of the traveling public, they're going to be able to find coming here comfortable," he said. "More comfortable than most places ecause they can just get in the car."

According to Aguel, research also suggests that after other periods of time where people stopped travling, for instance, after hurricanes or after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there was a pent up demand for travel. He believes this could also be the case after the COVID-19 pandemic.