Orlando gathering public input for future of Lake Eola Park

The City of Orlando hosted a virtual meeting on Thursday to discuss the future of Lake Eola Park.

About 90 members of the public registered to participate in the meeting, where city staff hoped to gather some ideas for redevelopment. City staff said they would ‘love’ to purchase more land to expand the park.

The last time the city created a master plan for Lake Eola park was in the late 1980s. Much has changed in the area since that time, including population size and the number of businesses and events surrounding the park. Those changes have required updates throughout the years.

"Instead of doing all these smaller projects and not knowing exactly where we’re going, we would go ahead and bite the bullet and do a master plan so then we can prioritize all the projects, put them together,” said John Perrone, Orlando Park’s Division Manager. “Then look for the money individually or as a whole and do the whole project.”

The city is asking Orlando residents to complete a survey, which is linked here, so they can assess what their needs are and include them in the plans.  Approximately 1,500 people have completed the survey so far.