Orlando Police to use Ring doorbell security systems to fight crime

Orlando City Commissioners on Tuesday approved a partnership between the Orlando Police Department and Ring video doorbell security systems to fight crime.

OPD is hoping to get access to the network of about 10,000 Ring users in Orlando, which will help the department solve burglaries, mail thefts and other crimes. 

"Whenever there's something going on, we get alerts!" said one resident who uses the Ring service.

The Ring allows you to answer the doorbell, whether you're home or away, and you can see it on mobile devices.  With so many eyes, a digital neighborhood watch is created, and now OPD is chimming in too.  

"If we do need to look at certain video from an area, Ring will contact those residents and specifically ask them if it's ok for law enforcement to view the video of that particular case," said Orlando Police Chief John Mina.

Chief Mina said the Ring neighborhoods portal will be available to OPD, but residents will still have to give them permission to use their video. 

"There are no privacy issues. If someone doesn't want them to look at their video, then we won't look at it."