Orlando police officer still recovering being run over 6 years ago

An Orlando Police officer injured on duty six years ago said he is still struggling.

Officer Will Anderson will never forget the moment his whole life changed back in 2015. Dashboard camera video shows him being run over by a suspect during an attempted traffic stop.  The driver was identified, arrested, tried, and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Anderson is now fighting another battle with his health. 

"We had finally gotten closure. Nobody told us we could possibly have a flare-up and bring us back to where we were."

Anderson who retired because of his injuries said he recently felt a sharp pain after bending over, suffering brain and spinal cord injuries again.

"I had electrical shocks going down my legs. I had numbness and tingling from the waist down."

Anderson said he's being treated at a rehabilitation center called Neulife, which was eventually approved by the City of Orlando.

However, he said he went through a lot of red tape and time to get the doctors that he wanted to treat him, instead of what was being recommended through worker's compensation. He wishes it could be easier.

"Correct, a ‘more simple’ process," he explained.  

"We assist first responders all over the country," said Jeff Brown of Hometown Heroes Alliance. "This is a nationwide plight that we fighting to get these things corrected. It goes on and on and on and we see this with so many different agencies."

Anderson believes he’s back on the road to recovery at Neulife. 

"It’s a relief knowing how much they helped me before."

A spokesperson said the city is committed to assisting and meeting the needs of first responders and Officer Anderson.  According to the city, Anderson is receiving all worker's compensation benefits that he's entitled to under state law.

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