Orlando International Airport to give update on possible privatization of TSA

Airport officials are meeting on Wednesday, as the fate of the TSA is hanging in the balance. The decision about whether the airport should privatize security must still be made.

Officials have given the TSA about 60 days to do something about the lines and Wednesday marks the halfway point on that. 

Officials say average wait times at both checkpoints have gotten to the point where they were exceeding 50 minutes during peak times. The official said that if changes aren't made, they will bring in a private security company to replace SA.

Workers are pointing the finger at management, but management says that the airport just does not have enough space to handle all the passengers. 

Local leaders are urging everyone to work together on a solution because 1,100 jobs are at stake.

An update will come later on Wednesday. An official vote on whether to go private or not could come in April.