Orlando high-rise residents are fearful that drones are peeping through their windows

People are concerned that drones are being used to peep into Orlando high rises.

At street level, there's lots of sites to see and plenty of people watching to do in Downtown Orlando, but some women are telling police someone is more interested in invading their privacy using technology to peep through their windows.

Orlando Police are investigating a creepy case of a woman being photographed inside her condo in the 101 Eola building. 

Selah Stahrsen told the News Station that she and her neighbor have seen a drone buzzing by her window at the Post Parkside Apartments. She said that "it goes back and forth between me and my next door neighbors apartment."

Stahrsen didn't think much abut it at first until she says that her neighbor spotted the drone late one night outside of her bedroom window. She says the drone was "recording like really up close because it's a red light and then as soon as she turns around and sees it, it plays peek-a-boo as if it were someone watching that just got caught."

According to Florida Statue, you have a reasonable expectation of privacy if you live high in the sky. So, flying a drone up to someone's window to see what they are doing would be illegal.

Stahrsen went on to tell the News Station that her neighbor reported the incident to the Orlando Police. Both women gave a statement to officers. Investigators aren't saying if this incident is related to what happened at 101 Eola.

Stahrsen says that it is obvious that whoever is flying the drone down Central Avenue knows what they are doing is wrong. 

If you see someone shooting a camera high up into a window or a drone lurking outside, give Orlando Police a call.