Orlando family begins the new year without a home after a fire breaks out

An Orlando family is starting the new year off with quite a loss, as their home went up in flames overnight.

Fire officials say that a fire broke out at an Orlando home on Cathy Ann Street. They say that the fire started in the van on the driveway. There was an explosion that spread to the house.

There were four adults, two children, and three dogs inside the home as flames erupted. With the help of a neighbor, all nine of them made it out safely. The neighbor told fire officials that they heard a loud bang and saw flames coming from the home. They knocked on the door, called 911, and got the family out quickly. Nobody was injured thankfully.

Fire officials arrived on scene around 4:30 a.m. and were able to quickly put the fire out, but the flames had already spread to the garage. Most of the damage is around the roof area. The firefighters were still able to go inside the home and rescue the family's three dogs.

The home in this fire actually belonged to a Kissimmee firefighter. His fellow firefighters came to teh scene to help clean up afterwards. There is still no word though on the cause of the fire.

The family says they have a place to stay, so the Red Cross will not be stepping in tonight.