Orlando band 'Hello Sister' teams up with local veteran to bring something special to community

Hello Sister, a talented sibling group in Orlando, is teaming up with a local veteran and first responder organization to bring something special to the community. 

'We're so grateful to be able to share our music with the world and not only do that, but for an amazing cause and be able to make that impact which is really what we love," Scarlett Mason of Hello Sister said. 

Hello Sister is one of four bands performing Friday at Hero Fest, a benefit concert put on by the Warrior Shield Foundation.

'It's wonderful to have Hello Sister because I want to bring younger people into it. It's their history so they don't forget. So we remember these special moments in history and honor those who sacrifice so much for our freedoms," said Chance Showell, President of Warrior Shield Foundation.

Showell started the organization back in 2016, after serving the country for 41 years in the army. First as a combat medic, then military police.

He went on to become a civilian official and ended up as a U.S. Federal Marshall. 

"Being able to come home after serving our country for so long and having my mental capacity there and 10 toes and 10 fingers, I wanted to start something that would give back to our veterans and first responders that were not so lucky," said Showell.

Now, he raises money through events like Hero Fest, with proceeds going towards groups that focus on mental health issues surrounding veterans and first responders. 

With a 45-minute set of up to 10 to 11 songs, Hello Sister says they're ready to not only bring the good vibes, but also awareness to the community. 

'I think it's really important to honor the people who put their lives on the line for us, for our everyday normal life I think it's a really great cause for us to do," said Gabriella Mason of Hello Sister.

"I have a different song for every emotion I'm going through, especially with this event and what it's meant for. It's really special," said Grace Mason of Hello Sister.