Orange County map shows when debris from Hurricane Ian will be picked up for residents

Debris from Hurricane Ian continues to pile up across Central Florida. FOX 35 has visited several neighborhoods, one being the Orlo Vista community, where residents said the debris piling up is out of control. 

On Thursday, Orange County officials released a debris removal map on its website to allow residents to see debris collection progress and upcoming scheduled pick-ups. 

The collaboration between Orange County Public Works and debris removal contractors created the color-coded map that will allow residents to "quickly identify areas where contractors have completed a first pass, as well as areas with planned dates when contractors are expected to make a first pass."

Areas that have seen a first pass and have been mostly cleared are marked with blue. Yellow indicates scheduled areas where contractors are expected to complete a first pass by Nov. 4 and areas where contractors are expected to complete a first pass by Nov. 18 are marked as orange. 

Credit: Orange County government

Orange County officials continue to urge residents to separate storm debris into vegetative, construction and demolition, appliances, electronics and furniture categories.

The county said they plan to have most County-maintained roadways, including residential areas, substantially cleared by Thanksgiving.