Orange County announces Aug. 10 as start of virtual learning for all students

Orange County Public Schools has announced that August 10 will mark the start of virtual learning for all students in the district,  whether they are registered for face-to-face instruction or learning through the LaunchEd@Home program.

All will begin learning through the LaunchEd platform from home.  The Florida Department of Education approved the plan on Monday, with the district’s designated "Distance Learning" days to be held August 10-21.

"The nine days will provide opportunities for all staff and students to become comfortable with the LaunchEd platform, as it will be the default should a classroom or school need to pivot from face-to-face during the pandemic," the district wrote in a letter to parents, teachers, and staff. "Teachers can also establish communications with parents and students as we work out any problems and answer questions."

This adjustment means the originally approved school calendar remains in place, with students starting virtually on August 10, teacher preplanning beginning on July 31, and·August 21 as the first day that students will assemble for the face-to-face model -- having already completed the nine days virtually.

The deadline for parents to select which instructional model they prefer for their children was extended through Monday, at 5 p.m.

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