One of two male suitors for Lake Eola swan was actually a female

"Queenie" the swan was supposed to have her choice between two mates, but it turns out, she really only had one choice.

Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan in shock to learn one of two male suitors brought in to mate with female swan "Queenie," turned out to be a female.

"I hit the ceiling when I found out," said Patty Sheehan, Orlando City Commissioner, "it was supposed to be a male, because they sold us two males, and she was going to pick one."

Sheehan and private donors shelling out $5500 dollars for the pair of swan. The city only finding out the true gender of the swan, when it died. The necropsy report detailed the swan had a severe illness and was a female.

"It was actually a sick swan that we were sold, I hate that, I was very angry," said Sheehan.

But sales are final and nothing can really be done to fix the wrongdoing.

"I wish there were more safeguards, you can't, you're relying on people's reputations in the animal brokerage business and even people will buy sick puppies, it's a sad thing when someone will do that to someone, it's just awful," said Sheehan.

Sheehan believes the seller will pay, sooner or later.

"The word is gonna get out, you could not have sold a more high-profile swan and try to swindle the city, that was really stupid," said Sheehan.

Folks at Lake Eola urging the city to keep on trying.

"They're an iconic Orlando piece, a staple, so we gotta keep the population going," said Ele Clark, Lake Eola visitor.

Sheehan says the good news is that "Queenie" is taking to big boy, the male swan. She hopes they mate soon.