New trash receptacles for pizza boxes in Downtown Orlando

Overflowing trash can be a messy problem in Downtown Orlando. So the city created some new receptacles designed just for pizza boxes to keep the City Beautiful, beautiful and clean.

In downtown, there are at least eight places to grab a slice. So on a busy night those large cumbersome pizza boxes can overflow bins and litter the sidewalks.

"Oh they just throw them on the floor," Fratelli's owner Julian Serjani said.

After talking with locals and nearby businesses about the messy situation, the city decided to install six new pizza box trash cans in downtown Orlando.

"We're keeping that trash can from getting over full," city spokesperson Karyn Barber said. "Keeping those pizza boxes out of the right of way. Making it easier for the clean team to come through and empty that and clean it out of here."  

"It's a great idea," Serjani said.

The city said these new receptacles are not for recycling. Any food or leftover grease in a pizza box has to be thrown in the trash.