New Smyrna Beach women lead effort to save 150-year old oak tree from the ax

The oak tree that sits in the lot of New Smyrna Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, already had one near death experience. The dealership was built in the 1990s. The city denied a request then to take down the old tree. But it may not survive much longer.

The dealership is moving locations soon. When it does, there is a plan to replace it with a mini warehouse storage facility. The land owners want to take down the old oak tree as part of that process. This time, the city approved the request.

The plans do not sit well with Lisa Martin and Ashley LIlje. The New Smyrna Beach women want the tree spared from the ax of progress.

"If they want a mini-storage unit they can afford a creative architect to build around it." says Martin.

The women created an online petition that has more than 100 signatures so far. They're also planning a 'Save the Tree' rally.


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