New entrance ramp to I-4 at Kirkman Road to open this week

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is opening a new entrance ramp to Interstate 4 (I-4) at the Kirkman Road interchange as soon as the morning of Wednesday, September 30.

The lane did not exist before the I-4 Ultimate project but represents the last ramp at the interchange to move into its final configuration. Drivers will need to be in the right lane as they pass over I-4 to enter the free-flowing single lane ramp from the right side of southbound Kirkman Road. 

New construction has eliminated all left-hand exits that were part of the interstate’s original design. Drivers now use righthand exits to access Kirkman Road, which reduces lane weaving, FDOT says.

The nearby Grand National overpass opened in summer 2017, but managed lanes and ramps remain closed.  Expected to open in 2021, the managed lane exit and entrance ramps will provide even more travel options in this busy area.

Also, a new pedestrian bridge over Kirkman Road, located just north of the Major Boulevard intersection, is in the final stages of construction.