New charges against accused child predator

Additional charges have been brought against a Polk County Jail inmate who was arrested during a July 2016 undercover child pornography investigation and has been in jail since that time.

James Ballone, 53, was originally charged with 65 counts possession of child pornography, with bond assessed at $15,000 per count. 

Ballone now has an additional two  counts capital sexual battery, six counts lewd molestation, five counts lewd exhibition, three counts of promotion of sexual performance, 115 counts of possession of child pornography, and one count unnatural and lascivious act filed against him, bringing his total count to 197 felony charges.

The new charges stem from follow-up investigation and forensic analysis on equipment seized from Ballone's home during "Operation Child Shield III." Detectives said they discovered child pornography created by Ballone in his home involving two Polk County children who have been positively identified.