Melbourne Air and Space Show this weekend

Feel the power and the patriotism at Melbourne’s famous Air & Space Show, this weekend.  FOX 35 got a preview of the jet fighters that are sure to wow fans of all ages.

World War II and the present-day technology will fly side-by-side in legacy formations in two action-packed days.  Audiences will see the F-18 Super Hornet -- America used earlier versions of the jet against Libya and Iraq in the 80s and 90s and the military still uses the F-18, but a souped up edition.

The show also has a much newer jet: the F-35 Lightning 2.  For the first time ever, the public will get to see it’s full capability.

Staff Sergeant Paul Ogletree, originally from Merritt Island, oversees maintenance on the aircraft. The pilots call sign is “Dojo.”

“So if anything goes wrong, I’m the first guy to go, I want to make sure 'Dojo' is safe, we’re doing the inspections and we’re also servicing it in between flights,” Ogletree said.

Being raised on the Space Coast, military jets were part of growing up, but Paul never imagined he’d be part of a crew that handles America’s most cutting edge strike fighter. Saturday and Sunday, the F-35 will demonstrate maneuvers.

“It’s pretty awesome to show my hometown guys and my family how special and capable this jet is.”

Ogletree saidIn addition to jets, there's a helicopter part of the show. Hueys in a simulated combat formation with a Cobra. And from the greatest generation, P51 Mustangs, the Cadillac of the sky.

“Air shows are inherently patriotic and family friendly so we encourage families to come out and enjoy the scene out here,” said Chris Dirato, Director of PR for the show.

The airshow runs from noon to four Saturday and Sunday.