Seminole County residents dealing with record breaking floodwaters that are expected to rise

Homes near Lake Harney in Geneva are experiencing massive flooding and many needed to evacuate as water is expected to continue to rise.

FOX 35 Orlando got an exclusive look at the flooding near Lake Harney in Seminole County on Sunday. Homes have feet of water inside them, and mailboxes are completely covered as the streets are flooded. Some people who didn't evacuate are now using kayaks to get to their homes.

"All of our neighbors are under. So we are just hoping we don’t go under," said Julie Atwell.

Many decided to evacuate to a bed and breakfast in the area after rising water forced them out of their homes. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, and National Guard worked to rescue families throughout the weekend.

"We had a dam we had the water out and everything was good but once it came over the top it just started filling up, and we decided we have to call to get out," said one father who was rescued with his family. "They showed up quickly, helped us get the parents, the pets, and the important stuff out."

Republican nominee for Congress Cory Mills brought water and food to those in need in the area by using a swamp buggy to get through the high water. 

"The gentleman we met had been here for 40 years and had never seen flooding to this level. We are seeing historic flooding," said Mills. "It's just about giving a little bit of comfort and letting people know we care."

The St. Johns River is flooded, which is overflowing Lake Harney, and water is expected to continue to rise in the Geneva area because of that. If you need to evacuate, officials say it is better to do it sooner than later to keep first responders and your family safe.